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let's talk about commissions

If you got here that means you're interested in commissioning me. Before you fill out my form there are some things to consider:

  • NEXT OPENING DATE: 8 SLOTS, 28th of October, 8PM (CEST)


  • I live in Spain, so I price my services according to my country's laws. That means all orders coming from the European Union are subjected to a VAT (Value Added Tax). This tax adds a 21% of the price to the final quotation. [Ex: You order a full body that costs 250 €. You live in France and, therefore, you're a resident of the European Union. With VAT, the final price will be 250 + (250 * 0,21) = 302,50 € ]
    Commercial commissions are tax free! 

  • I accept Bank transfers and Paypal payments. Depending on the option you choose, there might be fees applied. Contact me for more information.

  • I open commissions whenever I have time. Sometimes that means they overlap with other projects, so I can't always give them my full attention. It's hard to tell how long it would take me to complete a piece so if you want to have it within an specific timeline let me know in advance!

  • I update my clients regularly and ask for feedback at the end of each stage. That doesn't mean I will swiftly reply to every email I get no matter the hour or the day. If you take that as a lack of response on my side, please let me know and please don't open a paypal dispute before contacting me first. Doing so will get you automatically blacklisted.


 This is what I'm currently offering:

If something catches your eye, fill out the form bellow when it opens and we will work together! But please, refrain from sending any requests if you aren't totally sure as you might take the slot of someone who has been waiting to get a commission from me.

If what you're looking for isn't listed here please send me an email to and we can discuss it. Just in case, I don't offer fanart commissions (FFXIV's WoLs don't count as fanart to me).

Fill out this form to join my commission queue:
Any extras?
Preferred payment method?

You will be notified twice: after I get your form and, later on, when I'm ready to start working on your piece. I will ask for your payment information in that second email.

I will be communicating with you through email so it's very important that you write your address correctly.

Form submitted successfully!

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